Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Conservative Case Against Torture?

I read this article and it left me scraching my head and thinking huh? I pretty much just took it apart and explain my thought process. I posted it on his comment section:

Hmm. Very interesting but not even slightly compelling. To prove to you, I'll just go ahead and take it apart: First, the title:1. "The Conservative Case Against Torture"-Waterboarding is not torture and to try to put it on the same scale as pulling fingernails off, pistol whipping or anything the chinese and Nazis did is simply insane especially when America has used this techniques to train our own forces. 2."But torture is clearly unconstitutional. When it ratified the Convention against torture and other cruel and degrading treatmentin 1994, the Senate defined “cruel, inhuman and degrading” as any practice that would violate the Fifth, Eighth or 14th Amendments."-His case against this being unconstitutional is very unconvincing because in that case you can say almost every form of war, interrogation or heck simple police roughing up would be unconstitutional. 3. Second, it completely shatters the myth of American exceptionalism. Ronald Reagan put it best when he called America “that shining city on the hill.” America is truly the greatest country in the world, in no small part because we have a Constitution that guarantees the rights of its citizens, and because we don’t torture. How can America be exceptional if it does the same kind of crap that the Russians, the Chinese, the Egyptians or the Arabs do? How can we say that we are freest nation, the best nation on earth, the last, best hope for civilization when we allow the state to waterboard, to humiliate and to beat up prisoners? -This one just made me go nuts. It simply shows a lack of knowledege and understanding of history. To say America is "that shining city on the hill" because we don't use harsh methods is simply false. What makes America stand out is the fact that such harsh methods are not used on a regular basis, are not used on normal individuals and such things are a last resort or should be, kind of like war. History shows us that. Dropping the mushroom on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, FDR putting japanese-americans in internment camps during WWII, Abraham Lincoln suspending habeas corpus on HIS OWN CITIZENS and I'm sure there are more examples. But to say somehow America is the greatest country in the world because we've lived in some kind of utopia is not only not conservative, is pretty ignorant and naive. And this goes along with his argument about being Machiavellian-like. America doesn't flex its muscles unless it needs to and I sure as heck believe keeping millions safe is pretty darn necessary. Unless he wants to say America was wrong to drop the atomic bombs and suspend habeas corpus, where America will be two different countries, if we were even here today. 4. This one is the most ridiculous of them all: "Third, conservatives usually have a healthy distrust of the state. Why should they suddenly think that allowing the state to torture anybody somehow is a good thing? As a conservative (and I am a conservative), I am very leery of giving the state this much power. What prevents the state from using this kind of power on domestic “terrorists”?" This doesn't get any more bizzare and leaves me scratching my head. Why should we even have a military then? Since they can decide to use "that kind of power on domestic 'terrorists'?" I mean, I think my distrust for the state is based on when it goes outside of it's written constitutional duty, which includes protecting the citizens. I hope conservatives don't go the route of thinking that all government is bad. I know a lot of people love to quote Ronald Reagan saying that "government is the problem". But they miss the part that he said "in this situation, government is the problem". Some government is good, very limited but good. So to think because we distrust most of the state doesn't mean we become paranoid about our government using such power against regular citizens. 5. America is a beacon for freedom around the globe, but that only works when we act responsibly, in a way that promotes human rights and protects human dignity. We don’t act that way when we give the state the power to torture people in the name of protecting our safety. He sounds like an anti-war crowd more than a conservative here. Last point I know I went long but, republicans and unfortunately for me, conservatives, have allowed our opponets to define the argument. We sit here repeating "torture memos", "anti-abortion", "against gay marriage", these are a few examples. My question is why? When we let them define the argument we automatically lose. You let people call interrogation torture and before you know it you'll think sitting across the table and chatting with a jihadi is torture just because some left wing ACLU loon tells you it is. If this continues on both the national security level and politcal level, I can guarantee conservatives will never win an argument, less an election. And that will make America worse off. I'm with Ryan, give me another technique that would have given the info that saved thousands of lives or you'll just be ok going to the funeral of 3000 more people and telling them that sorry you lost your kid because we didn't dump some water on Khalid Sheik Mohammed. At least we're still "the beacon of freedom". What good is freedom if you're dead?

Update: I forgot to link it earlier. It's fixed now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Quick thoughts

Two quick thoughts for the day:
-I'm still upset at the power going out last night as '24' was getting good. I'll have to catch it on the internet. I have a feeling I'll be pissed once this episode is over
-Best news I've heard in a while. Arlen Specter is officially becoming a Democrat, as if we already didn't know he was. I love old people, I really do...but why do these politicians feel they can stay in office til they die? Food for thought. But it's about time these losers get their act right. Hopefully he'll grab a couple of other liberals in gop along with himself. Purge on! And maybe one day I would be ok with being identified as a republican. I honestly don't 'mind social moderates, that I'm fine with that's your own business but when people can't agree on free market capitalism/sound economics then by all means Get Out!

Change I Can Believe In!

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Monday

Long weekend but like I say all the time the long weekends feel the shortest. Where the heck did the weekend go? I ran across the most telling article I've seen in a while. This. There's a fundraiser shin-dig at Obama's daughter's school (the same one he screwed other BLACK kids from going) and they expected the president to give some goodies to auction off. Sort of like a round of golf with The One or something. The idiot president and his angry wife donate magazine covers with them on it. Oh, I forgot, they signed it. Cute. Get the heck out here. What a narcissistic tool! I know i've been called a narcissist before-which is far from true, just haters-but this is beyond pale. This isn't really surprising to me but for him to do this openly and think "we should get at least a million bucks donated for my autograph and "historic" photo". bs. Remember he gave the Queen an ipod with his own speeches! Oh my! So him and his "stunning" wife manage to be cheap and narcissistic at the same time. Unbelievable.
P.s. I'm think of a stereotype but I can't even write it on my own blog. $100 bucks if you could guess.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fresh Thoughts

Last night, I was watching some evening news show and they were talking about the Miss USA debacle. Where Ms. California basically lost because she believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Ok, big whoop, its Ms. USA. But this made me think about the a bigger picture: Liberals, well to me there's nothing liberal about them. They're more of control freaks.
It seems that progressives, i guess that's a better term or statists(as mark levin calls them) have become control freaks. They scream and yell that people should be tolerant and yet they are the most intolerant amongst us. it makes no sense to me. they want us to be more open-minded, yeah? well, why the heck aren't you more open-minded about my view? I'll try to focus on just one issue with this post regarding these so-called liberals-gay marriage. ok, so i feel that marriage should be between a man and a woman, that doesn't mean i hate gays or lesbians. i actually love them. they're free to be gay or straight if they want. but because i don't agree with gay marriage i'm automatically a bigot. Well it's about time these folks look in the mirror. As we saw with the whole prop8 campaign in California, the only bigots are those that want us to be more open-minded. Rick Warren (who i'm not really a fan of) went and got donuts to give to the people that were protesting and throwing things at his members. Who's the bigot? Who's the hatemonger? I just can't wrap my arms around the idea around people of this mindset. Let's assume I'm interested in changing my mind about gay marriage, I'm not by the way, would these radical acts of cursing people out, name-calling and witchunting change my mind? I think NOT. I just don't see how these people can expect to change people's minds by attacking the same people. Take for example Meghan McCain, the twit (sorry for that namecalling but i can't help it), she wants to take over the republican party because we need to be pro gay marriage and get rid of all those evil conservatives. Well, by calling the people you're trying to woo over extremists and crazy and fringe, good luck with them giving you one earful. They wouldn't even if you tried nice because MM is just pretty much a joke.
My last point on this is, and I'm open to understand, people that classify themselves as gay want to be treated equally right? So why all the brouhaha about wanting this and that and special recognition? Why the push to be treated different if the objective is to be treated equally? It makes no sense to me.
I personally think marriage between one man and one woman is the best way to go because of my faith, science, and if you go past that stage, why not make polygamy legal? Why stop there, why not allow for people to get married to whatever thing they want to get married to?
That's just me. I'm pretty open minded

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My mind is brewing...a simple proposal

I just read an article over at FoxForum by Juan Williams, "Obama's Outrageous Sin Against Our Children". It's a pretty good analysis on how the pres continues to double speak on the education scene. Williams focuses on the DC Voucher Program which has proved to be very effective for minority (I dislike using this word) students. These less fortunate kids were able to get a $7500 scholarship to attend a private school, the kind Obama sends his kids. But the Democrats killed the funding for it, mainly because they've sold their souls to the devil. Just to be clear, I believe this was in the stimulus bill so we can blame those three republican senators that voted for the bill as well. As Juan pretty much says, well done politicians for "helping the kids". So these kids are done with this effective program as of the end of this school year and the ones that were selected to start next year, well sorry to you as well. See you at the hell hole we call public school. I was fortunate enough to grow up in pretty decent suburbs and attend good public schools, especially after moving to Texas. But I have seen and have heard enough about inner city schools that have done nothing more than kill kids incentives to get an education. So this move by this administration and this congress is no less than despicable.
But that is not the point of this post. I have been a long time critic of Republicans and now I have a proposal for them as well as for Conservatives. As most of us believe in school choice and despise the Teachers Unions (rightly so), what do we do about an issue like this. It seems like Republicans are just sitting back and whining, "Oh Obama killed the Voucher system, blah blah blah". Ok yeah that happened, now what? If they were smart Republicans would hold a fundraiser to raise money for as many kids as possible to stay in this program. They can start off with those that are already in the program and go from there. But since the Repubs don't seem to be doing anything right these days, how about a group of Conservative think tanks and organizations hold a joint fundraiser, get all the big names and raise money for these kids?
I know this is such a wild wild idea, I can imagine why no one ever thought of it. Sarc. But this would accomplish a few things. First it would help children that are receiving good education in a good environment continue to do so and in the end be better contributors to society as a whole. These kids will be able to develop their God-given skills and become future doctors, investment bankers, lawyers, teachers etc. Another thing that would come out of this is political. As far from the truth it is, Republicans and conservatives are wrongly labeled as not compassionate and not caring about "the community". So look at this as sort of a political makeover. We know it's not true, conservatives give to charity plenty times more than liberals do, that is a FACT. But an event like this would put this on display and show the general misinformed public our true colors. I am not a fan of pandering, but some might see this as pandering. I don't but I can understand how it can be interpreted as such. Call it what you want. This is just doing what we always do, except we'll do it with a little showmanship and in the end it will publicly shame Democrats as the hypocrytics they are when they speak of doing "what works for the kids".

'24'... Again

I'm still stunned from the episode last night. Tony frigging Almeada! That's all I have to say. The dude is a beast! You know a show or a movie is really good when you're tempted to side with the bad guys. I really haven't seen a better show than '24'. I do think I'm starting to have a little crush on the red-hair, "Renee"; when I think about it, I have a little history of red hair crushes (think Lindsay Lohan). It's a shame this season is almost over but it's funny because nobody knows how its going to end. Loving it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Pictures

Tea Party De-brief

I had a lot fun at the rally yesterday. I'll be posting pictures shortly. Got there about 3:45 (it was supposed to start at 4) and I guess I was a little nervous. For one, it was my first protest and then second, uhhh do I have to say. I don't think i was necessarily nervous, i think i was just more anxious to see the reaction I would get. But the wait didn't last. As I walked up out of the parking garage, I walked right into the line to get into the park (people were signing in). In line, I met a couple who brought their young daughter, probably in middle or high school. I couldn't really tell. We chatted a bit, they loved my t-shirt for one, that was a big convo starter. The guy took pictures of me and we were yappin' it up. Then for some reason, I can't remember, we spoke to the lady behind them and before you know it me and her were yappin' it up. She seemed like a really nice middle aged woman but then I could tell there was something about her. Anyhow, she told me how her kids made her sign and then I said something about being a recent grad and then she asks me where I went. And of course we know, I'm always proud to give that answer. LSU! Her face lit up and gave me the "get out" look. And she yelled, "GEAUX" and of course I said, "TIGERS". It was a party already. You know LSU ppl, we meet each other and we act like we've known each other for years. I love the LSU family, truly amazing. I don't think there's anything like.

The program kicked off with music, pledge of allegiance, bible reading, and prayer. Yes, welcome to Texas, where we love our God and Guns. They had about 10000 people show up, i don't what the actual count is but it was amazing. Lots of speakers. They had conservatives, libertarians, ron paul crowd, young, middle aged, old and very young, fair tax people (I'm definitely a flat tax guy and think fair tax is sort of a joke) but we were all together. American flags everywhere. And there was plenty of Texas spirit, a lot of 10th Amendment and the proposition regarding that in the Texas state house.

I had a good time and I swear a million people took pictures of me. A lot of the older folks asked me if I remember the Carter years. My answer? "Uhhhhh, I really wasn't born until '87 so I've done a lot of reading and the guy was a joke". They loved me! Then again, who doesn't? Just teasing. , It did go a little long but I had to leave early (about 6:30). I teach fifth grade kids at my church on wednesday nights. All in all, this was a great experience that I hope is the beginning of saving America.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Facebook profile

last night, i changed my facebook status to "I'm becoming more and more libertarian by the day". I wasn't sure what response I would get but i wasn't surprised. My libertarian friend seemed pretty pleased and maybe other ppl kind of feel the same way. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to change my socially conservative beliefs but economically, i'm to the point that the government should just get the heck away. As far as possible, please. Thanks.

Tea Party Time

It's Tea Party Dad. I honestly can't believe I'm going to a protest, but I'm looking forward to it. I'll be having my camera handy and taking some pretty good pictures. It's going to be interesting. Especially because I'll be wearing the Obama/Carter t-shirt. I can't wait to see people's reaction. And if ACORN or moveon is there it'll get even more interesting. "Big, black guy with an anti-obama shirt? He must crazy". Hah! Intelligence knows no skin color. Sorry, I'm not a drone, I like to think for myself and I'll like to keep it that way. Party up!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Party, again

Yes, the Tea Party movement is full force. It's pretty remarkable. I got my t-shirt in the mail yesterday and I'm ready! It does irk me that a lot of politicians, mostly republicans, are trying to get in on the action. We all know they weren't involved in this before. Heck, a lot of them are part of the problem. Now a bunch of them are jumping on the bandwagon, I hate to say it but it just gives fuel to the idiots that keep calling this some thing out of the republican party. This stuff was straight grassroots and now people like Newt Gingrich are trying to get a piece of the pie. How about people told them 'No thanks'. That would have been better, but I hear he's speaking at one of the tea parties. This would make people like me who doesn't jump up and down about republicans a little sketchy about going to the Tea Party. But oh well, I think most people going know what they're going for and are saying screw people like them. Newt and his kind who are just trying to cash in on a serious movement. Politicians, i swear

Monday, April 13, 2009


I await yet another thriller. I swear this show should be on 24/7/365. Seriously.

Update: Yes, it was a thriller. Two words, Tony Almaeda! I was a little ticked off about the silly global warming commercial 'Cloe' did after the show. Really? I guess '24's trying to blunt the suggestions that it's a rightwing show. Nonsense. Embrace your rightwingness '24'. Nobody needs to do anything to save the planet. If the planet needs to be saved, it'll save itself.

Tea Party!

I've been getting pretty excited about this Tea Party shindig. Why you may ask? Well, I've always been vocal about my opinions from politics to sports to psychology and economics (duh). But I've never been one to protest about anything, I guess I just kind of thought it wasn't for me. Except this one time few years ago in college when me and a couple of my friends were sort of making fun of this "protest" on campus and I wound up on the evening news, as one of the protesters. Ooops. Yeah that was a big mistake, I'm glad my parents were in a completely different state because I can hear them with their Nigerian accents, "Did I send you to school to protest or to get an education"?
But I digress. I think most conservatives in general just aren't the "protest kind". But this is different because things have just gotten pretty outrageous. So I am very excited about this Wednesday and looking forward to the big Tea Party downtown. I ordered myself a "welcome back Carter Shirt" with BHO's cheesing face smacked on it. I'm sure it'll be nice to see this on a black guy by the way (tongue in cheek). Hopefully it makes it hear in time for Wednesday. Good lord, now that I think about it, I'm going against all my morals! My number one rule with shirts is under any circumstance, NEVER wear someone else's face on you. I'll put in an amendment. I'll be blogging on this before Wednesday. I wish I could take my cousin who's a senior in high school but he won't be able to make it. I'm doing my best to baptize him in common sense in order that he doesn't get brainwashed when he heads to the ivy league in the fall.
Let's go out and demand common sense from the government.


Didn't do it yesterday but i'll do it today. Easter was yesterday. I don't think there is any other occasion more important than Easter. If Christ never died AND resurrected from the grave, how would Christianity necessarily differ from other world religions? Thank God for Jesus and for conquering the grave. We are eternally grateful to God for this and we can never repay him back or try to live "good enough". Because good enough will never be enough. So all we can do is accept the good grace he gave us and live for him. Because if Christ died for us, the least we can do is live for him. That is what I am striving to do. YOU should join me.

P.S. No you're not going to be perfect, we're all human.

I've been gone a few eh?

good lord. I didn't realize it's been almost two weeks since my last post! What the ? I've been a little busy with work and extra-curricular activities. But I am here again. What has happened since I blogged last?
Oh yea, made 22 this past saturday, sunday was easter, ehhh whatelse? I think I have short term memory or something b/c i can't remember much past this weekend. It's a shame.
But speaking of birthday, I had a pretty good one this year even though it was very different. No, I didn't "go out" or "do it big". I'm just not in the feeling of doing that anymore, at least at any serious extent. But I got some really cool gifts...clothes, concert tickets (jealous?), giftcards, and I even treated myself to a few things. First time buying anything for myself apart from food. Family and friends always make the birthday great. I'm grateful to all my friends and family that helped make my birthday weekend a really good one. I'm very appreciative.