Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party De-brief

I had a lot fun at the rally yesterday. I'll be posting pictures shortly. Got there about 3:45 (it was supposed to start at 4) and I guess I was a little nervous. For one, it was my first protest and then second, uhhh do I have to say. I don't think i was necessarily nervous, i think i was just more anxious to see the reaction I would get. But the wait didn't last. As I walked up out of the parking garage, I walked right into the line to get into the park (people were signing in). In line, I met a couple who brought their young daughter, probably in middle or high school. I couldn't really tell. We chatted a bit, they loved my t-shirt for one, that was a big convo starter. The guy took pictures of me and we were yappin' it up. Then for some reason, I can't remember, we spoke to the lady behind them and before you know it me and her were yappin' it up. She seemed like a really nice middle aged woman but then I could tell there was something about her. Anyhow, she told me how her kids made her sign and then I said something about being a recent grad and then she asks me where I went. And of course we know, I'm always proud to give that answer. LSU! Her face lit up and gave me the "get out" look. And she yelled, "GEAUX" and of course I said, "TIGERS". It was a party already. You know LSU ppl, we meet each other and we act like we've known each other for years. I love the LSU family, truly amazing. I don't think there's anything like.

The program kicked off with music, pledge of allegiance, bible reading, and prayer. Yes, welcome to Texas, where we love our God and Guns. They had about 10000 people show up, i don't what the actual count is but it was amazing. Lots of speakers. They had conservatives, libertarians, ron paul crowd, young, middle aged, old and very young, fair tax people (I'm definitely a flat tax guy and think fair tax is sort of a joke) but we were all together. American flags everywhere. And there was plenty of Texas spirit, a lot of 10th Amendment and the proposition regarding that in the Texas state house.

I had a good time and I swear a million people took pictures of me. A lot of the older folks asked me if I remember the Carter years. My answer? "Uhhhhh, I really wasn't born until '87 so I've done a lot of reading and the guy was a joke". They loved me! Then again, who doesn't? Just teasing. , It did go a little long but I had to leave early (about 6:30). I teach fifth grade kids at my church on wednesday nights. All in all, this was a great experience that I hope is the beginning of saving America.


latinchic said...

I was there. Good times! BTW, I loooooved the sign that said, "God only asks for 10%." WeRd. ;-)

I'm subscribing.

LongOverdue said...

Definitely good times. Thanks for the comment and subscribing. I always welcome comments and a new subscriber, as you can see I'm in deficiency. I'm growing lol

cvann said...

Oh my, I am a middle aged woman!!
It was not by accident that the first person I met at the tea party was a fellow TIGER!
It was so awesome being around so many people that love their country. Can't wait until the next "protest".