Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My mind is brewing...a simple proposal

I just read an article over at FoxForum by Juan Williams, "Obama's Outrageous Sin Against Our Children". It's a pretty good analysis on how the pres continues to double speak on the education scene. Williams focuses on the DC Voucher Program which has proved to be very effective for minority (I dislike using this word) students. These less fortunate kids were able to get a $7500 scholarship to attend a private school, the kind Obama sends his kids. But the Democrats killed the funding for it, mainly because they've sold their souls to the devil. Just to be clear, I believe this was in the stimulus bill so we can blame those three republican senators that voted for the bill as well. As Juan pretty much says, well done politicians for "helping the kids". So these kids are done with this effective program as of the end of this school year and the ones that were selected to start next year, well sorry to you as well. See you at the hell hole we call public school. I was fortunate enough to grow up in pretty decent suburbs and attend good public schools, especially after moving to Texas. But I have seen and have heard enough about inner city schools that have done nothing more than kill kids incentives to get an education. So this move by this administration and this congress is no less than despicable.
But that is not the point of this post. I have been a long time critic of Republicans and now I have a proposal for them as well as for Conservatives. As most of us believe in school choice and despise the Teachers Unions (rightly so), what do we do about an issue like this. It seems like Republicans are just sitting back and whining, "Oh Obama killed the Voucher system, blah blah blah". Ok yeah that happened, now what? If they were smart Republicans would hold a fundraiser to raise money for as many kids as possible to stay in this program. They can start off with those that are already in the program and go from there. But since the Repubs don't seem to be doing anything right these days, how about a group of Conservative think tanks and organizations hold a joint fundraiser, get all the big names and raise money for these kids?
I know this is such a wild wild idea, I can imagine why no one ever thought of it. Sarc. But this would accomplish a few things. First it would help children that are receiving good education in a good environment continue to do so and in the end be better contributors to society as a whole. These kids will be able to develop their God-given skills and become future doctors, investment bankers, lawyers, teachers etc. Another thing that would come out of this is political. As far from the truth it is, Republicans and conservatives are wrongly labeled as not compassionate and not caring about "the community". So look at this as sort of a political makeover. We know it's not true, conservatives give to charity plenty times more than liberals do, that is a FACT. But an event like this would put this on display and show the general misinformed public our true colors. I am not a fan of pandering, but some might see this as pandering. I don't but I can understand how it can be interpreted as such. Call it what you want. This is just doing what we always do, except we'll do it with a little showmanship and in the end it will publicly shame Democrats as the hypocrytics they are when they speak of doing "what works for the kids".

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