Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday!

Today's my last day on the job. Looking forward to the future!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sanford Saga

Since pictures are starting to surface on Mark Sanford's girlfriend, from what I've seen, she's ok looking. But I do think I've figured him out: he just wanted 'a wise Latina'. It's all part of the GOP's Big Tent outreach and his foreign policy bonafides.

We'll see if that really is her.


I'm beginning to draw the conclusion that Shaquill O'Neal sucks. He seems to be trying to live off of other people's success and talent. His stint with the Lakers, I don't begrudge him for they were a nice duo and from my recollection (not that great), they got there about the same time. Then he goes to Miami...where Dwayne Wade just so happens to be the hottest thing around (no homo) on the court. And shaazam, it's all about Flash N Shaq Daddy. And then he goes to Phoenix where uh oh, Steve Nash just happens to be the best point guard playing basketball in the last few years, but since he's fat and slow, therefore doesn't mix well with Suns style of playing, it's an epic failure. But somewhere on the east coast some guy by the name of King James just happens to be "the next Michael Jordan" (which I don't believe), is "looking" for new talent and O'Neal just happens to be the match made in Heaven. Can somebody please tell me how this isn't absurd?
Not only is Shaq a carpet bagger but the Cavs are stupid. 1) why on earth would you waste your money on a guy who is waay past his prime? 2) why on earth would you acquire somebody that will alter the way you play your game?
I'm all for improving your team but Shaq? Really? You couldn't do any better? Why don't you get a younger guy who can develop and help your team become a power house with the already developed and stellar Lebron James? Why not draft somebody or get Emeka Okafor or trade your whole team for Andrew Bynum? Or good lord, anybody but Shaq.
In less than a decade, Shaq would have played with three of the best all-stars in the last 20 years. We call that mooching.

Geaux Tigers!

How about those Tigers?? Funny yesterday at lunch, my boss was hounding me about the game 2 loss and that she'll be thinking of me when LSU loses again last night. I told her it wasn't going to happen. And whaam! We lay a nice derriere whooping on the Longhorns. Hah! Don't mess with the Tigers! Another day, another championship. And yes, I wore a purple and gold polo to work today.

Geaux Tigers!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So it's news to me that June is officially GOP Admit an Affair Month. So let's celebrate. First you got a complete douche Ensign who cheats with his own family friend who went to high school with his wife. Good lord. And then we get Mark Sanford, who i guess people were looking at for 2012 (not me), cheating on his wife with a chick from Argentina. What can i say about that one except, Celebrate Diversity! This is all part of the Big Tent strategy. See we'll attract the Latinos now. Hah! It really is a shame though. I knew there was something really awkward about a dude dissapearing on father's day weekend. It just seemed like he was up to no good. Maybe that's the guy and cynic in me. Sanford really is pathetic. At least he admitted it, i guess but what a shame. I'm not being self-righteous, he deserves prayers for himself and his family. People say he can kiss any chance of being president, I never thought he had any chance. He seems like a good guy, don't get me wrong but he just doesn't have the "it" factor that you would want in a candidate. But he's got some "it" factor because he scored the chick from Argentina. I hate to say it but hopefully she was fine or least a 10! Either way, he's a tool.
Personally, i really don't care what politicians do in their private life but he deceived his staff and lied about where he was going and then before his press conference he said he chose something "exotic". So he's a liar . And now, he's lost the trust of the people. God bless his wife and kids.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm getting close to declaring that the United States Supreme Leader is a one-term president. Not yet ready to say it but I'm getting close. I think this emperor is definitely getting homo.

This Week

I have to say, I'm a bit nervous and at the same time looking forward to the future. I've got some MAJOR decisions this week, arguable life changing. All I can say is this is definitely a leap of faith. Even though I have an idea, i'm not sure exactly what is next. So prayers, prayers, prayers.
God help me and save the queen.


Last week, as i watched this Iran fiasco develop, i found a new respect for Twitter. "To be frank" (I love that line from "Fresh Prince"), i have not given Twitter the light of day. 1) They pretty much make no profit, which i think is pretty stupid, with the amount of money put into making the venture. 2)I find it borderline stalkerish 3)I'm just not that into other people's business and i'm sure as heck not into other people being in my business.
But with the Iran 'crisis' (as Obummer likes to say), Twitter has become as a source of communication between the people of Iran, who have been blacked out, and the rest of the world that seek to find the truth of the situation in Iran. Because of this, I have had to swallow a not so small ego and join Twitter. I kicked my Twitter hating to the side and I've had my own version of Hope N Change. i've been following the Iran updates on my phone. i've downloaded the application to my phone and it's really easy to use. I don't think i've put a status yet. Anyway, I'm sure the folks over at Twitter Inc, i think that's what its called, would be very proud of themselves at this time. And they deserve to be. I'm sure sooner or later they'll give an IPO a shot or just sell the rights to some billionaire. Work hard now, make stupid profit later. I kinda like the strategy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's 3AM.

And the Phone has been ringing. The call is from the oppresed people of Iran. President Obama is nowhere to be seen....Ring, Ring, Ring.

Thanks for the warning Hillary.


I'm hoping for a revolution in Iran. Please God. I guess W. was right when he said all people have an inner yearning for freedom. But I'm getting off track. The good people of Iran deserve freedom and fairness. Where is the leadership and support for a people that look to be free from oppresion? Where is the support from the Last Best Hope? Where is the support from the standard bearer of freedom in this world? American leadership remains silent. "Freedom [America] don't fail me[Iran] now". As I write this, no condemnation from the American administration. I'll [naively] keep my hope up.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Apparently, people are taking note at how the administration is shredding the rule of law. They screwed the Chrysler and GM secured bondholders and now Miss USA has followed on. At least they got what they wanted...Carrie Prejean to lose the crown because she thinks traditional marriage is cool and should be left that way. They claim she "breached" her contract. Yeah, just like those "speculators" breached their contract. At least we know they're paying attention to their thug-in-chief.

Follow-up to Ginsburg

So it took less than 24hrs for Ruth bader Ginsburg to smack my praise down. At least she tried. The Republic burn continues. I will consider this move a warning shot at Obummer. I think they want him to know that he might have most of the power and most of the woosies of politicians but 'uhh...hey Barry, we're still here'.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Newfound Respect

Two big ones. Numero Uno: Ruth Bader Ginsburg-conservative and libertarian hero?? I'm not sure yet if the Supreme Court will uphold or smack down the administrations militant bankruptcy or not but at least for her to delay the decision, she deserves big praise. Will she turn out to be the unlikely savior of the constitution and of free people? That's yet to be determined, until then, she will be held high from my end. I think she can vote all the crazy left-wing ways til she dies and I'll have no problem with her.
NUmero dEUx: Stephen Colbert. Haven't really watched him on a consistent basis but what he did for the troops is to be applauded. I don't really care about his politics or honestly anything he does for the rest of the time he's on tv, he has my respect. For him to go all the way to Iraq and do this and call attention to the war that is still going on is a million times greater than what you would expect from anybody in the media today. They're too busy bashing Bush and any conservative in sight and screaming for Cindy Sheehan. This man has got some guts and it's refreshing to see someone in his kind of crowd doing such a great thing for the military.

Kudos to these two!

More from The WSJ

Yes, my favorite newspaper is Wall Street Journal because of the financial analysis on there as well as the excellent editorial. It's a fine Newspaper. Anyhow, yesterday, Shelby Steele , one of my favorites, wrote a magnificent article about the so called post racial president. Very excellent piece.

But of course "post-racialism" is not a real idea. It is an impression, a chimera that grows out of a very specific racial manipulation that I have called "bargaining." Here the minority makes a bargain with white society: I will not "guilt" you with America's centuries of racism if you will not hold my minority status against me. Whites love this bargain because it allows them to feel above America's racist past and, therefore, immune to charges of racism. By embracing the bargainer they embrace the impression of a world beyond racial division, a world in which whites are innocent and minorities carry no anger. This is the impression that animates bargainers like Mr. Obama or Oprah Winfrey with an irresistible charisma. Even if post-racialism is an obvious illusion -- a bargainer's trick as it were -- whites are flattered by believing in it.

More "Create or Save"

Today and last couple of days, I've seen a pickup in sensible people calling out how stupid this 'create or save' nonsense is. Bill McGurn from WSJ had a great article about it today, smacking the media for playing along with this phony math. Obama's lapdogs will do whatever their master pleases. Rush also wacked the administration for this so called "saved" jobs number. I've said it before, anybody can make up a number of 'saved' statistics. For example, Katie Couric (who by the way sucks as an anchor and pretty much at life) has the worst rating since they've been rating, lol. She's lost over 2million viewers but in essence she has saved 5million more. Ahh, I love this math. I wish I could use it at the job: Boss, we lost five clients last week but I really saved nine (out of 20) clients. Nonsense.
From McGurn:

"You can measure how many jobs are created between two points in time. But
there is no way to measure how many jobs are saved. Even if things get much,
much worse, the President can say that there would have been 4 million fewer
jobs without the stimulus."

Rush was pretty funny talking about this, going as far as saying that this math is so impossible "maybe even God" wouldn't be able to figure this math out. Heh. Actually He can.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Create or Save"

Ok, so I'm getting sick of hearing this "save or create" nonsense. I think I've blogged about this before. It's the most ridiculous phrase I have ever heard in my life. And how nobody calls the administration out for this is not only puzzling to me but scary. Nobody to say, "wait a second, how are you going to calculate 'saved' jobs?" Well, the censored media won't ask that because we know the answer to that. You can't calculate it, "we just know". So in other words if unemployment hits 10% this year (which I think it's destined to at least touched that), and say 7million people are out of work, you can say we save 2million. or pick another number...4mil, 5mil. How idiotic is this? So there are 300million Americans right? Ok, so let's say there are 250million unemployed (I know this is way out there but I'm just pointing to how ridiculous this is), you can say 'but but we saved 50million jobs.' What kind of bullcrap is that? I notice the Autocracy, i mean administration, has a math problem but c'mon. Math problem in regards to Obummer saying the less than 2% of Muslims in America makes America one of the largest "Muslim nation" in the world. Simply foolish, just foolish.
I'm out.

Turbo Timmy

I can't get passed the story about Timothy Geithner getting laughed at by Chinese students when he said he guarantees them that their American held assets are safe. LOL Who's the idiot here? Him or his boss? I'll go with option C, both of them. Funny enough, one of the chinese economists said well Timmy, can you like show us the math of this? Like how the heck are you going to pay off a 12 trillion dollars you've racked up in about a year trying to "save" the american economy? Or how speniding trillions of dollars on government healthcare is going to "save" and "reduce" costs. What kind of Orwellian nonsense is this? I have to say, I love the Chinese right now. I don't care what people say, these people are not stupid or close to stupid. If anybody is behaving dumb right now, look at the White House, Treasury, Fed and Congress. But I have to give props to the students at the university laughing at Timmy. I know they're thinking this "genius" cannot even figure out his own taxes on freaking Turbo Tax and he tells us that our T-bills are safe. I think they called bull on that one, anyone with half-a-brain could figure that out. I love it.

On a related note, I love how Ben Benarke wants to tell us that America will have to reduce deficits. Sooooo now you tell us. Ridiculous. NO DUH. After he has printed billions even trillions of dollars, he wants to talk about cutting back. Why the heck didn't you cut back on your printing machine Benny? I do honestly believe that they've figured out America can't pay the debt between what it is now and the coming second round of binge fiscal drinking of the Administration, so they are just going to have to raise taxes BIG TIME. And/or purposely devalue the dollar and screw China and the Sultans. We'll see how that works out, I don't think China will stand for that. Either way, it ain't gonna be pretty.