Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back from Camp Quality

It's been about five days and i guess i've settled back from camp. I've had time to think and rethink the days there and nothing has changed. It was definitely an amazing time. It was indeed an experience of a lifetime, volunteering and working with the kids and the good folks that spend their summer working this camp. Honestly, i didn't know what to expect; especially regarding the possible limitations of the kids and exactly how much 'fun' it would be. But my expectations were WOWed. The only bummer i had was that my kid wasn't able to attend, he got a fever couple of days before. Then they tried to fit me in with another kid and he didn't show up because he got cold feet. That did make the me feel a bit bummed for first day or so. Although, by half way through the week, i realized there the reason why God "stuck" me in the situation and it was for a much greater reason (which sorry, i can't share on here). Anyway, it was a week i will never forget. I definitely plan on going back next year, God-willing.
I honestly feel like i got more out of it than the kids did, and they had a hella fun. I ended up sharing a kid with another guy (who i happened to ride with to the camp) and that worked out pretty well, i think. I swear i thought he was quiet when i first met him, but nooo. He was up out of his wheelchair doing thriller by Wednesday. That pretty much made my week. He was a fun loving kid, who makes you think he's some mellow camper. Sike! He became a legend by the week's end. He learnt from the best. J/K, maybe not.
Apart from the great campers, the staff and the other volunteers were really good. i honestly think i had a conversation with everybody. I didn't realize I could talk that much. Heh! No really, i had convos about everything from college to wildlife and the environment. The people were great and it's definitely a good feeling to see so many people give up their time to do such demanding work for no [monetary] reward. This gives me hope for the future, i guess the world doesn't all the way suck. lol. I'm sure i'll be posting more about Camp Quality soon and later on as well. But this is just a brief de-brief. I look forward to next year, as well as the other events before then. Word on the street is I may get to meet my camper that wasn't able to come because he lives in the area. That would be awesome. I'm out.

Long time no see

Wow. I didn't realize how long it's been since i posted last. I've been in and out lately which has been keeping me busy, despite not being at work the last few weeks. I won't guarantee i'm going to get back to being consistent just yet, as I have more traveling to do. It definitely has been fun but I'll post up a few updates.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July, America! What a great country. I am blessed to be living in such a great land. Here's to keeping it a great land!

Happy Birthday America!

Public Enemies

Hmm. Just saw this movie for the second time. I really don't know what to think about it. I thought the picture was great, acting was decent but it wasn't all that. I remember being in Chicago while they were filming this last year. (Why did it take so long by the way?) Anyway, what i didn't like about the movie was the excessive shooting. I love guns, don't get me wrong but there was so much shooting for no reason. No aim, nothing just criminals shooting automatics with no aim in sight. It became kind of bizzare, like why are you wasting all that ammo fool? The other quib i had with the movie was the silly accents especially of Christian Bale's character. It was really silly. I dunno who he was trying to sound like but he didn't sound like anything but a idiot. it was like a wannabe new york/boston accent. I didn't know Chicagoans speak like that, maybe during the depression but not now they don't. Those were my two main problems with the movie. Other than that, I thought it was OK. I still haven't seen Transformers 2, maybe this weekend.

Sarah Palin

I like Sarah Palin, as a matter in fact, I like sarah palin a lot. Her move today does leave me scraching my head, scraching really hard. Mostly because it's so puzzling and so different that you really don't know what to make of it. Some are writing her political obituary, some are saying she's starting to run for president. Who knows? Maybe she's just fed up with all the nonsense that has been following her around since she became national figure. She's been beat up horribly by the left and the right, so heck why not throw in the towel and say screw this, I have a family (young family by the way) and i honestly don't need this. To hell with politics. As much as i think that is possible, i kind of doubt it b/c she just doesn't seem like one to throw in the towel, maybe i'm wrong but i'll hold my judgment. Maybe she does want to run for higher office, who knows. One thing we can say is she dances to her own drumbeat and that i can respect. I may not agree with you but if you feel you know what you're doing, more power to ya. I do wish her all the best though, it seems she thought and talked about it with her family pretty well, so that works for me. If she and her family are happy then honestly, who cares. I've seen some of the same people (especially on the right) that always had something negative to say about her saying oh no, she's ruined her career, well you didn't want her to have one anyway. This wouldn't be my strategy but i'm not her. I think she's got a pretty bright future regardless of what she does or doesn't do. Godspeed, Ms. Wasilla, godspeed.