Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doom and Gloom?

Alright, alright, i'll fess up to it I watched the Messiahmercial last night. I felt like I was watching a documentary on Lifetime or something. My gosh, are things that BAD? I defintely understand that things are rough right now in the country and we can argue on how we got here but god-lee! It was unbelievable! The guy tried to make America look like some kind of third world country where everybody is dying or something. Things are pretty tough, but America's been through worse. Obama tried to paint this gloom picture, like we're living in the Great Depression. But to be honest, he's done that this entire campaign. It seems like that's the only way he could win. To convice Americans that things are horrible and we need him and goverment to come to our rescue and save us. It's unfortunate because millions are fallin' for this. Win or lose, they will be dissapointed. If he wins, he's not going to solve all their problems. If he loses, they will be crushed. It's a lose-lose situation. For me, if he wins, i'll just learn to live in a socialist society and God save the Republic. If he loses, thank God. America can begin to rebuild from the economic crisis and put a stop sign to these left wing loons that are trying to take over this country. The stupid Obama infomercial was awfully depressing and pretty dissapointing to ppl that actual wanted to get excited for it. Guys a joke. I like the way Tucker Bounds put it, "if you've ever bought something from an informercial, the commerical is usually better than the product".

Monday, October 20, 2008


There's been some misconceptions about conservatives in the public eye. Let's be honest with ourselves. There are plenty of so called conservatives in America that are nothing more than closet liberals. Let's have a little straight talk, i don't see any premise for someone who is really a conservative not even a republican, but a real conservative could support Barack Obama. He is as far left as possible, most liberal candidate to ever run for public office. So all this horaah from ppl like powell, buckley, peggy noonan getting all the liberals excited that republicans or conservatives are jumping on obama's bandwagon is bull. I think it's funny too how they all waited til it looks like Obama's pretty much clinched it before they start lashing out at conservatives. Powell's a joke. I never believed he was a conservative anyway. He just rode our horses to get to fame, screw us over as the poster child for the Iraq war and then bail just to get love from the media and from liberals who don't give a crap about him. So let's get this straight, all these phonies that are "conservatives" are frauds. The most liberal senator? Abortion?Spending? Nat'l Defense? The guy stands against anything we've ever stood for. Oh and by the way how the heck has the republican party moved too far to the right? Are you serious ? The freaking party is not far right ENOUGH! GWB is as big spending republican as ever, $700Billion bail-out? We have record number of ppl in the republican party that are pro-choice. We're cutting deals with iraqi insurgents? Too far right?? Give me a break.


All the tree huggers and climate geeks, i'm not completely downing your causes but why haven't we heard much of you lately? Maybe b/c there's starting to be some doubts about your misconceptions on the "global climate crisis"?? Hmm you be the judge:

Take Two

I wasn't going to blog about this but after some thought i figured i'll drop a little something. So Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president and I completely respect that. My golly, i wish he was honest about his reasons. I wish he had just said I'm supporting him b/c he's black and it would be really cool to see a black president or hey i've never been a conservative i just used conservative presidents to make my moves in life. OR, i was somewhat of a conservative, but this obama kool-aid is way too good for me to keep my feelings to myself and I just love King Obama and I would love to work for the first black president. Are you kidding me? If he's really a conservative does he really believe what he said? He sounded like a BHO commercial. I definitely had a lot of respect for him in the past, even though i think he always did stuff just for love from the "people". I won't say he lost it all, but he definitely lost a good amount of my respect. Also, this is the same Colin Powell that made the case for the Iraq War and then opposed the surge? And now he wants to endorse Obama? This is a joke! And then he has the guts to come on tv and make all these statements but he was the poster boy for this war. I guess he found a way to gain back the love of "the people". I'm not surprised but i am ashamed at his reasons for supporting Obama. I think he's trying to somehow gain the love of "black" people in America. By the way, why did he wait til two weeks before the election to endorse obama? If he feels so strongly about his "convictions" then he should have jumped on the bandwagon a yr ago. I'm kinda sick of this. Congrats Colin, enjoy the love affair with the media elites and the left. I'm sure they'll be embracing you like their long lost son, well until you do something again to screw it up. Congrats again Colin, you have earned yourself a Prince's position in the reign of King Obama!

Monday woes- Take One

I'm a little down with with the Red Sox lost last night. It was a bummer to have my hopes rise so high and then crash. Ouch, but we'll be back next year. I don't really care who wins, but i kind of do wish the phillies win b/c last time they won, The Great One (Ronald Reagan won his election). We'll see, i defintely don't want the rays to win. Ok, so i lied. I do care who wins.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Check this

So MY Redsox made the biggest comeback in over 50 yrs! How about those Red Sox!! This is amazing, God i hope we can pull this off! We're doing great and i think we'll pull it off! My team is a clutch team, Let's Get it!! I'm ready.

Oh by the way, so Joe the plumber was attacked by the liberal media and democrats because he disagreed with obama's policy. What is this North Korea? Gosh, i swear ppl are getting unbelievable by the days. With all the harrasment of GWB, i never saw him trying to censor ppl that disagreed with him. How ridiculous. Oh by the way check this story out:

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So i'm sitting here doing my work on these spreadsheets and I burst out in laughter because in my mind this was replaying in my mind...

"Senator Goverment"....i thought that was the Gaffe that wasn't a Gaffe. I want to say McCain did that on purpose but i hate to say it but I don't think he's as smart as me. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he did. Kudos to Mac man! He was actually better than my commentary last night. Senator Goverment!
Senators Goverment want to be President and Vice President Goverment:

About paying more taxes- "Katie, it's time to be patriotic, it's time to get on board"-Senator goverment #2 (Gaffe machine-Joe Biden)

to Joe the plumber- "I want to make sure that those behind you have a chance to move up too... I think when we spread the wealth, it's good for everybody"-Senator Goverment #1(BHO)

Gotta love how they want to sell socialism in such a pretty way! Cheers, i'm out for now! Back to the spreadsheets!

Joe the plumber

ok, so looks like Joe the plumber is smarter than a lot of politicians. e.g. Bho and joe gaffe biden. This dude was speaking the truth on tv, he's a superstar. He was talking about securing the border, obama's tax plan (or lack of it). Watch out Joe, the democrats are coming for you. Congrats Joe, you're my hero! He knows what a socialist Obama is! That's great. Oh Joe the gaffe machine Biden said: "John McCain didn't address the main issue of the economy in a three letter word...J O B S". LOL haha, are you serious? He's a joke!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Post-debate analysis

Line of the night: "Senator Obama, I am not George Bush and if you wanted to run against him you should have ran four years ago". I thought that was GREAT! Other than that, i thought it was a tie which is pretty much a win for Obama. I'm not throwing it in the bag just yet but BHO cannot really get flustered. The guy's a pro, a saul olinsky, harvard law graduate. I mean you look at him and say he can be a president, too bad he's got not just skeletons in the closet but rotten dead bodies. Anyhow, I thought they both did well, McCain to me is like a boxer who jabs pretty hard and then backs off and goes around in the circle for the rest of the round. Watching post debate coverage, i'll be honest i'm thinking, GOSH i wish Mitt Romney was our nominee, he would be zinging BHO all night on his wack, depression like economic policies. Mac had soo many chances to hit a knockout but i just don't think he's that kind of personality and you just gotta respect that. But my excuse is, i wanted romney in the first place. But you take what you get, I guess that's just Mac man. We'll see how it works out but this my right after analysis, probably have some more in the morning. Joe the plumber is definitely the most famous man in the world right now, i'm glad i knew him before this evening. I do think McCain should have said if spreading the wealth isn't socialism then senator obama tell me what is. That was a zinger! I should have been debate coach.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Spread the Wealth"

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to 'spread the wealth'. The messiah (notice the small m) has spoken and he wants us to share the wealth with everyone, including those who, i hate to say it, don't deserve it. They don't deserve it not because we're better than them but because they are not we made the money not them. If i wanted to give to charity, i'll pick one of my choice, most likely Samaritan's Purse, not the IRS. When i heard bho say this to a plumber, not a wall street ceo, i wasn't sure who i was listening to. Barack Obama or Karl Marx? Hmmm... As if we didn't already he was a socialist, well he cleared that up for us. All he has to do now is show us that he was a registered member of the socialist party here in America. Now it makes me wonder, what was he doing during those "blur" years of his young life. And why is he hiding his college info from columbia and harvard? The verdict is still out and the way it's looking it will remain out indefinitely.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


With all the craziness going on, i almost forgot it was October. What the heck is wrong with me? The Red Sox are in action tonight! Thank God! I'm feeling a sweep on the rays?? Well i won't say that though. I do think we're gonna win the world series...AGAIN! Too bad we couldn't beat the yankees on the way to the big dance. The yankees have really become a joke, when was the last time they were in a world series? Have they even been in one in the 21st century? Who cares. Red Sox are hot and smokin'. They said we couldn't do it without the gangsta manny but who needs manny when we got big pappy! Go RED SOX!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Great piece, thanks to my bro for the link. Terrific article, but it does puzzle me why he supports Obama. Last sentence in the article drives home a huge point

Day After

Ok, so i had a chance to sleep on it and YES i still believe the debate was horribly boring. But a couple of thoughts...I am convinced that Barack Obama is NOT a good guy and he has cruel intentions and he is a very dangerous man. I'm not sure if you noticed but i picked it up big time but later forgot about it until this morning. You remember when Obama was talking about 9/11 and he said the president did some smart stuff but when the George Bush said to the American ppl go out and shop, that's not the kind of call to service we need. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? How disrespectful and unbelievably useless. He reached an all time low, that was below the ground. I'm pretty sure every third grader knew what the president meant when he said go out and shop. He was encouraging ppl to try their best to live their "normal" lives so that the terrorists and all that hate this country will know that there's nothing they can do that will stop America from being America. How dare him say that? It makes me wonder about this Obama guy. He's an opportunist that is seriously dangerous not only America but to the world as we know it. And now i'm sure it wasn't a coincidence that he felt that way because that's probably honestly how he feels. I mean on sept 11 his friend said he didn't do enough in the 60's in bombing the capital, police stations etc. And the sunday after, his pastor blamed America for 9/11...."America's chickens are coming home to roost". This guy is SICK and he doesn't deserve to be in public office. I do fault John McCain for not attacking Obama about that, I just don't thinnk it's in his nature to attack like that. I mean he should should have eaten Obama up for that. "How dare you disrespect this country"? I guess that's why i've not always been a fan of The Maverick. It's unbelievable, i thought for sure he would say something. I guess he didn't want to be defending Bush. That was an easy way to bring in Ayers and Wright, but i'm not even calling for that, all he had to do was call Obama out for that. But i'm done with this guy, he is officially the most radical, anti-american opportunist to ever seek public office.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


If that wasn't the most boring hour and a half, I don't know what was. Thats the problem with high expectations. You just can't put up high expectations for these kind of things. Anyways, I pretty much fell asleep during that wimpbate, i mean debate. Looks like it's going to be BHO fellas! I guess, i might as well start singing...'yes we can' and bow to his highness, the merciful messiah.

Nah, no retreating here buddy! Bring on the Socialists!

Why we love her...

What else can you say about this? Check it out:

...bless her heart!

Joke of the day

What does Obama and Osama have in common??

....they both know someone who bombed the pentagon! Thanks to el-rushbo for the joke of the day.


Ok, so it's pretty much D-day for Mac man. I've never been a fan of his but he's definitely better than the Merciful Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama. If he still wants to win this thing and save this country from the destruction of liberals, then he's got to step his game up. Sarah has been doing her part for the last week. She charmed her way through the debate by simply being herself and attacking BHO. She's been hammerin' the guy since the night of the debate and is still at it. McCain who took the whole weekend off, hopefully that was a good thing, needs to join the train. He's been so dang soft, i guess that's why i never used to like him. But yesterday, he's sounded like he's picking up some steam. C'mon with it Mac! Well, it's about freaking time. So back to my title, remember Sarahccuda the point guard for wassilla high? Well, she's back to playing that position again. She's secured the ball with less than a minute to play, dribbled up court. She crossed over the old school tough defender Joe-biscuit and she's looking to either shoot or pass. She really wants to shoot, but knows her position is to look to pass first. As she looks down court, the fiery black remarkable athelete blazing Barack is manned up on her center, that old guy that retired but made a comeback. He's not sure if he wants the ball in his hand, but Sarahccuda has faith in her teammate. So she goes for the alley. All he's gotta do is ooOOP. Tune in to see what the comeback kid or i mean comeback grandpa.

Monday, October 6, 2008

At least

Hey check it out, at least we got something going for us. If the Dow keeps diving, we'll at least have lower gas prices which I think is a lot more important to everyday people than the Dow, unless you're trying to retire today. So let not your heart be troubled, $3 gas and below is in sight!

About Time

Ok, sideline the stock market and economy for two seconds, it's about freaking time somebody brought up Obama and his radical friends! I've been saying this for the last six months! Where the heck has this been? I guess we had to unleash Saracudda! I'm glad this FINALLY came up. Anyways, for those that think that doesn't matter, I don't even know what to say. To say you can look past it is a different thing, but to say being associated with a domestic terrorist doesn't matter is just unbelievable. I've been ranting to unleash Sarah and let her be Sarah and you know what if that ends up not good enough then it is what is. We'll see, 33 days to go!

Couldn't resist

I just couldn't resist, 800 and countin' about that bailout. It's officially another Black Monday

How's that Bailout working out for ya?

If you didn't know, I was pretty much against the silly bailout. There was definitely other options and if armagendon was going to happen, it would happen anyway. $700 was not going to save armagedon. Right now the Dow is down over 500 points! Way to go Bailout!! It's so silly, why don't we start by calling all the names of those crooks, i mean politicians who are pretty much responsible for most of this foolishness. Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, and yes the Messiah himself cannot runaway from this, Barack Obama! There more, including that republican senator from Utah. All these crooks were in the pockets of fannie and freddie. Why don't we start with that? And then how about repealing the stupid Reinvestment Act that the worst president (jimmy carter) ever inacted. By the way Obama's economic plans sound very similar to carter's. It's a joke that these crooks walked out last week and declared themselves the saviors because they all saved us from armagendon. Have they taken a look at the market right now? Can someone say everyone in washington needs to be changed? anyhow lunch is over...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Return of The Great Reverend!

It's bound to happen, my favorite character in all of politics is destined to make a reappearance. I'm talking about Jeremiah Wright. There's no way he's not going to come up with 30 days left til' election day. "Hillary ain't never been called a n****", "God ___ America"... i kinda miss those rants. So i'll be awaiting the return of the great one.


Some of y'all probably haven't heard from me in a while, but i've been ducked off at home here in Houston, Sugar Land to be for real. I actually started working for an oil and gas company out here a little over a week ago. I'm doing some cost analysis, scheduling, and estimating. So far, so good. It was kind of slow for the first few days trying to get adjusted, filling out paper work and stuff but it's slowly speeding up. It's been a little tough getting up early as heck! but i guess you gotta grow up some time in life. So that's a little update on what's been going on but if you know me, you know i'm always 'making moves'.

Round One

Finally Here! Long awaited, long anticipated, and yes LONG OVERDUE! Welcome to 'myschpill'. My mind is always running at a 100 miles per hour and I always have something to say so i figure i might just put some of it into writing. Plus, i know y'all wanna know what I think. I've been wanting to get into this whole blog thing for a while so why not go for it! I definitely would like to get feedbacks from y'all and i guess i don't mind to hear what your thoughts are. I'll be blogging about everything from sports to the hot topic of today...politics! It is what 30 days to election day. And then, I guess i'll share some of my wisdom with y'all. I'm just kidding but feel free to hit me up on here with some 'pify' comments.