Monday, October 20, 2008


There's been some misconceptions about conservatives in the public eye. Let's be honest with ourselves. There are plenty of so called conservatives in America that are nothing more than closet liberals. Let's have a little straight talk, i don't see any premise for someone who is really a conservative not even a republican, but a real conservative could support Barack Obama. He is as far left as possible, most liberal candidate to ever run for public office. So all this horaah from ppl like powell, buckley, peggy noonan getting all the liberals excited that republicans or conservatives are jumping on obama's bandwagon is bull. I think it's funny too how they all waited til it looks like Obama's pretty much clinched it before they start lashing out at conservatives. Powell's a joke. I never believed he was a conservative anyway. He just rode our horses to get to fame, screw us over as the poster child for the Iraq war and then bail just to get love from the media and from liberals who don't give a crap about him. So let's get this straight, all these phonies that are "conservatives" are frauds. The most liberal senator? Abortion?Spending? Nat'l Defense? The guy stands against anything we've ever stood for. Oh and by the way how the heck has the republican party moved too far to the right? Are you serious ? The freaking party is not far right ENOUGH! GWB is as big spending republican as ever, $700Billion bail-out? We have record number of ppl in the republican party that are pro-choice. We're cutting deals with iraqi insurgents? Too far right?? Give me a break.

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