Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Post-debate analysis

Line of the night: "Senator Obama, I am not George Bush and if you wanted to run against him you should have ran four years ago". I thought that was GREAT! Other than that, i thought it was a tie which is pretty much a win for Obama. I'm not throwing it in the bag just yet but BHO cannot really get flustered. The guy's a pro, a saul olinsky, harvard law graduate. I mean you look at him and say he can be a president, too bad he's got not just skeletons in the closet but rotten dead bodies. Anyhow, I thought they both did well, McCain to me is like a boxer who jabs pretty hard and then backs off and goes around in the circle for the rest of the round. Watching post debate coverage, i'll be honest i'm thinking, GOSH i wish Mitt Romney was our nominee, he would be zinging BHO all night on his wack, depression like economic policies. Mac had soo many chances to hit a knockout but i just don't think he's that kind of personality and you just gotta respect that. But my excuse is, i wanted romney in the first place. But you take what you get, I guess that's just Mac man. We'll see how it works out but this my right after analysis, probably have some more in the morning. Joe the plumber is definitely the most famous man in the world right now, i'm glad i knew him before this evening. I do think McCain should have said if spreading the wealth isn't socialism then senator obama tell me what is. That was a zinger! I should have been debate coach.

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