Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doom and Gloom?

Alright, alright, i'll fess up to it I watched the Messiahmercial last night. I felt like I was watching a documentary on Lifetime or something. My gosh, are things that BAD? I defintely understand that things are rough right now in the country and we can argue on how we got here but god-lee! It was unbelievable! The guy tried to make America look like some kind of third world country where everybody is dying or something. Things are pretty tough, but America's been through worse. Obama tried to paint this gloom picture, like we're living in the Great Depression. But to be honest, he's done that this entire campaign. It seems like that's the only way he could win. To convice Americans that things are horrible and we need him and goverment to come to our rescue and save us. It's unfortunate because millions are fallin' for this. Win or lose, they will be dissapointed. If he wins, he's not going to solve all their problems. If he loses, they will be crushed. It's a lose-lose situation. For me, if he wins, i'll just learn to live in a socialist society and God save the Republic. If he loses, thank God. America can begin to rebuild from the economic crisis and put a stop sign to these left wing loons that are trying to take over this country. The stupid Obama infomercial was awfully depressing and pretty dissapointing to ppl that actual wanted to get excited for it. Guys a joke. I like the way Tucker Bounds put it, "if you've ever bought something from an informercial, the commerical is usually better than the product".

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