Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day After

Ok, so i had a chance to sleep on it and YES i still believe the debate was horribly boring. But a couple of thoughts...I am convinced that Barack Obama is NOT a good guy and he has cruel intentions and he is a very dangerous man. I'm not sure if you noticed but i picked it up big time but later forgot about it until this morning. You remember when Obama was talking about 9/11 and he said the president did some smart stuff but when the George Bush said to the American ppl go out and shop, that's not the kind of call to service we need. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? How disrespectful and unbelievably useless. He reached an all time low, that was below the ground. I'm pretty sure every third grader knew what the president meant when he said go out and shop. He was encouraging ppl to try their best to live their "normal" lives so that the terrorists and all that hate this country will know that there's nothing they can do that will stop America from being America. How dare him say that? It makes me wonder about this Obama guy. He's an opportunist that is seriously dangerous not only America but to the world as we know it. And now i'm sure it wasn't a coincidence that he felt that way because that's probably honestly how he feels. I mean on sept 11 his friend said he didn't do enough in the 60's in bombing the capital, police stations etc. And the sunday after, his pastor blamed America for 9/11...."America's chickens are coming home to roost". This guy is SICK and he doesn't deserve to be in public office. I do fault John McCain for not attacking Obama about that, I just don't thinnk it's in his nature to attack like that. I mean he should should have eaten Obama up for that. "How dare you disrespect this country"? I guess that's why i've not always been a fan of The Maverick. It's unbelievable, i thought for sure he would say something. I guess he didn't want to be defending Bush. That was an easy way to bring in Ayers and Wright, but i'm not even calling for that, all he had to do was call Obama out for that. But i'm done with this guy, he is officially the most radical, anti-american opportunist to ever seek public office.

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