Monday, October 20, 2008

Take Two

I wasn't going to blog about this but after some thought i figured i'll drop a little something. So Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president and I completely respect that. My golly, i wish he was honest about his reasons. I wish he had just said I'm supporting him b/c he's black and it would be really cool to see a black president or hey i've never been a conservative i just used conservative presidents to make my moves in life. OR, i was somewhat of a conservative, but this obama kool-aid is way too good for me to keep my feelings to myself and I just love King Obama and I would love to work for the first black president. Are you kidding me? If he's really a conservative does he really believe what he said? He sounded like a BHO commercial. I definitely had a lot of respect for him in the past, even though i think he always did stuff just for love from the "people". I won't say he lost it all, but he definitely lost a good amount of my respect. Also, this is the same Colin Powell that made the case for the Iraq War and then opposed the surge? And now he wants to endorse Obama? This is a joke! And then he has the guts to come on tv and make all these statements but he was the poster boy for this war. I guess he found a way to gain back the love of "the people". I'm not surprised but i am ashamed at his reasons for supporting Obama. I think he's trying to somehow gain the love of "black" people in America. By the way, why did he wait til two weeks before the election to endorse obama? If he feels so strongly about his "convictions" then he should have jumped on the bandwagon a yr ago. I'm kinda sick of this. Congrats Colin, enjoy the love affair with the media elites and the left. I'm sure they'll be embracing you like their long lost son, well until you do something again to screw it up. Congrats again Colin, you have earned yourself a Prince's position in the reign of King Obama!

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