Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Ok, so it's pretty much D-day for Mac man. I've never been a fan of his but he's definitely better than the Merciful Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama. If he still wants to win this thing and save this country from the destruction of liberals, then he's got to step his game up. Sarah has been doing her part for the last week. She charmed her way through the debate by simply being herself and attacking BHO. She's been hammerin' the guy since the night of the debate and is still at it. McCain who took the whole weekend off, hopefully that was a good thing, needs to join the train. He's been so dang soft, i guess that's why i never used to like him. But yesterday, he's sounded like he's picking up some steam. C'mon with it Mac! Well, it's about freaking time. So back to my title, remember Sarahccuda the point guard for wassilla high? Well, she's back to playing that position again. She's secured the ball with less than a minute to play, dribbled up court. She crossed over the old school tough defender Joe-biscuit and she's looking to either shoot or pass. She really wants to shoot, but knows her position is to look to pass first. As she looks down court, the fiery black remarkable athelete blazing Barack is manned up on her center, that old guy that retired but made a comeback. He's not sure if he wants the ball in his hand, but Sarahccuda has faith in her teammate. So she goes for the alley. All he's gotta do is ooOOP. Tune in to see what the comeback kid or i mean comeback grandpa.

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