Sunday, October 5, 2008

Round One

Finally Here! Long awaited, long anticipated, and yes LONG OVERDUE! Welcome to 'myschpill'. My mind is always running at a 100 miles per hour and I always have something to say so i figure i might just put some of it into writing. Plus, i know y'all wanna know what I think. I've been wanting to get into this whole blog thing for a while so why not go for it! I definitely would like to get feedbacks from y'all and i guess i don't mind to hear what your thoughts are. I'll be blogging about everything from sports to the hot topic of today...politics! It is what 30 days to election day. And then, I guess i'll share some of my wisdom with y'all. I'm just kidding but feel free to hit me up on here with some 'pify' comments.

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