Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sarah Palin

I like Sarah Palin, as a matter in fact, I like sarah palin a lot. Her move today does leave me scraching my head, scraching really hard. Mostly because it's so puzzling and so different that you really don't know what to make of it. Some are writing her political obituary, some are saying she's starting to run for president. Who knows? Maybe she's just fed up with all the nonsense that has been following her around since she became national figure. She's been beat up horribly by the left and the right, so heck why not throw in the towel and say screw this, I have a family (young family by the way) and i honestly don't need this. To hell with politics. As much as i think that is possible, i kind of doubt it b/c she just doesn't seem like one to throw in the towel, maybe i'm wrong but i'll hold my judgment. Maybe she does want to run for higher office, who knows. One thing we can say is she dances to her own drumbeat and that i can respect. I may not agree with you but if you feel you know what you're doing, more power to ya. I do wish her all the best though, it seems she thought and talked about it with her family pretty well, so that works for me. If she and her family are happy then honestly, who cares. I've seen some of the same people (especially on the right) that always had something negative to say about her saying oh no, she's ruined her career, well you didn't want her to have one anyway. This wouldn't be my strategy but i'm not her. I think she's got a pretty bright future regardless of what she does or doesn't do. Godspeed, Ms. Wasilla, godspeed.

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