Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More from The WSJ

Yes, my favorite newspaper is Wall Street Journal because of the financial analysis on there as well as the excellent editorial. It's a fine Newspaper. Anyhow, yesterday, Shelby Steele , one of my favorites, wrote a magnificent article about the so called post racial president. Very excellent piece.

But of course "post-racialism" is not a real idea. It is an impression, a chimera that grows out of a very specific racial manipulation that I have called "bargaining." Here the minority makes a bargain with white society: I will not "guilt" you with America's centuries of racism if you will not hold my minority status against me. Whites love this bargain because it allows them to feel above America's racist past and, therefore, immune to charges of racism. By embracing the bargainer they embrace the impression of a world beyond racial division, a world in which whites are innocent and minorities carry no anger. This is the impression that animates bargainers like Mr. Obama or Oprah Winfrey with an irresistible charisma. Even if post-racialism is an obvious illusion -- a bargainer's trick as it were -- whites are flattered by believing in it.

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Gabriel McKee said...

Shelby Steele is great.