Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm beginning to draw the conclusion that Shaquill O'Neal sucks. He seems to be trying to live off of other people's success and talent. His stint with the Lakers, I don't begrudge him for they were a nice duo and from my recollection (not that great), they got there about the same time. Then he goes to Miami...where Dwayne Wade just so happens to be the hottest thing around (no homo) on the court. And shaazam, it's all about Flash N Shaq Daddy. And then he goes to Phoenix where uh oh, Steve Nash just happens to be the best point guard playing basketball in the last few years, but since he's fat and slow, therefore doesn't mix well with Suns style of playing, it's an epic failure. But somewhere on the east coast some guy by the name of King James just happens to be "the next Michael Jordan" (which I don't believe), is "looking" for new talent and O'Neal just happens to be the match made in Heaven. Can somebody please tell me how this isn't absurd?
Not only is Shaq a carpet bagger but the Cavs are stupid. 1) why on earth would you waste your money on a guy who is waay past his prime? 2) why on earth would you acquire somebody that will alter the way you play your game?
I'm all for improving your team but Shaq? Really? You couldn't do any better? Why don't you get a younger guy who can develop and help your team become a power house with the already developed and stellar Lebron James? Why not draft somebody or get Emeka Okafor or trade your whole team for Andrew Bynum? Or good lord, anybody but Shaq.
In less than a decade, Shaq would have played with three of the best all-stars in the last 20 years. We call that mooching.

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