Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Newfound Respect

Two big ones. Numero Uno: Ruth Bader Ginsburg-conservative and libertarian hero?? I'm not sure yet if the Supreme Court will uphold or smack down the administrations militant bankruptcy or not but at least for her to delay the decision, she deserves big praise. Will she turn out to be the unlikely savior of the constitution and of free people? That's yet to be determined, until then, she will be held high from my end. I think she can vote all the crazy left-wing ways til she dies and I'll have no problem with her.
NUmero dEUx: Stephen Colbert. Haven't really watched him on a consistent basis but what he did for the troops is to be applauded. I don't really care about his politics or honestly anything he does for the rest of the time he's on tv, he has my respect. For him to go all the way to Iraq and do this and call attention to the war that is still going on is a million times greater than what you would expect from anybody in the media today. They're too busy bashing Bush and any conservative in sight and screaming for Cindy Sheehan. This man has got some guts and it's refreshing to see someone in his kind of crowd doing such a great thing for the military.

Kudos to these two!

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