Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So it's news to me that June is officially GOP Admit an Affair Month. So let's celebrate. First you got a complete douche Ensign who cheats with his own family friend who went to high school with his wife. Good lord. And then we get Mark Sanford, who i guess people were looking at for 2012 (not me), cheating on his wife with a chick from Argentina. What can i say about that one except, Celebrate Diversity! This is all part of the Big Tent strategy. See we'll attract the Latinos now. Hah! It really is a shame though. I knew there was something really awkward about a dude dissapearing on father's day weekend. It just seemed like he was up to no good. Maybe that's the guy and cynic in me. Sanford really is pathetic. At least he admitted it, i guess but what a shame. I'm not being self-righteous, he deserves prayers for himself and his family. People say he can kiss any chance of being president, I never thought he had any chance. He seems like a good guy, don't get me wrong but he just doesn't have the "it" factor that you would want in a candidate. But he's got some "it" factor because he scored the chick from Argentina. I hate to say it but hopefully she was fine or least a 10! Either way, he's a tool.
Personally, i really don't care what politicians do in their private life but he deceived his staff and lied about where he was going and then before his press conference he said he chose something "exotic". So he's a liar . And now, he's lost the trust of the people. God bless his wife and kids.

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