Monday, June 22, 2009


Last week, as i watched this Iran fiasco develop, i found a new respect for Twitter. "To be frank" (I love that line from "Fresh Prince"), i have not given Twitter the light of day. 1) They pretty much make no profit, which i think is pretty stupid, with the amount of money put into making the venture. 2)I find it borderline stalkerish 3)I'm just not that into other people's business and i'm sure as heck not into other people being in my business.
But with the Iran 'crisis' (as Obummer likes to say), Twitter has become as a source of communication between the people of Iran, who have been blacked out, and the rest of the world that seek to find the truth of the situation in Iran. Because of this, I have had to swallow a not so small ego and join Twitter. I kicked my Twitter hating to the side and I've had my own version of Hope N Change. i've been following the Iran updates on my phone. i've downloaded the application to my phone and it's really easy to use. I don't think i've put a status yet. Anyway, I'm sure the folks over at Twitter Inc, i think that's what its called, would be very proud of themselves at this time. And they deserve to be. I'm sure sooner or later they'll give an IPO a shot or just sell the rights to some billionaire. Work hard now, make stupid profit later. I kinda like the strategy.

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