Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Create or Save"

Ok, so I'm getting sick of hearing this "save or create" nonsense. I think I've blogged about this before. It's the most ridiculous phrase I have ever heard in my life. And how nobody calls the administration out for this is not only puzzling to me but scary. Nobody to say, "wait a second, how are you going to calculate 'saved' jobs?" Well, the censored media won't ask that because we know the answer to that. You can't calculate it, "we just know". So in other words if unemployment hits 10% this year (which I think it's destined to at least touched that), and say 7million people are out of work, you can say we save 2million. or pick another number...4mil, 5mil. How idiotic is this? So there are 300million Americans right? Ok, so let's say there are 250million unemployed (I know this is way out there but I'm just pointing to how ridiculous this is), you can say 'but but we saved 50million jobs.' What kind of bullcrap is that? I notice the Autocracy, i mean administration, has a math problem but c'mon. Math problem in regards to Obummer saying the less than 2% of Muslims in America makes America one of the largest "Muslim nation" in the world. Simply foolish, just foolish.
I'm out.

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