Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Monday

Long weekend but like I say all the time the long weekends feel the shortest. Where the heck did the weekend go? I ran across the most telling article I've seen in a while. This. There's a fundraiser shin-dig at Obama's daughter's school (the same one he screwed other BLACK kids from going) and they expected the president to give some goodies to auction off. Sort of like a round of golf with The One or something. The idiot president and his angry wife donate magazine covers with them on it. Oh, I forgot, they signed it. Cute. Get the heck out here. What a narcissistic tool! I know i've been called a narcissist before-which is far from true, just haters-but this is beyond pale. This isn't really surprising to me but for him to do this openly and think "we should get at least a million bucks donated for my autograph and "historic" photo". bs. Remember he gave the Queen an ipod with his own speeches! Oh my! So him and his "stunning" wife manage to be cheap and narcissistic at the same time. Unbelievable.
P.s. I'm think of a stereotype but I can't even write it on my own blog. $100 bucks if you could guess.

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