Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Quick thoughts

Two quick thoughts for the day:
-I'm still upset at the power going out last night as '24' was getting good. I'll have to catch it on the internet. I have a feeling I'll be pissed once this episode is over
-Best news I've heard in a while. Arlen Specter is officially becoming a Democrat, as if we already didn't know he was. I love old people, I really do...but why do these politicians feel they can stay in office til they die? Food for thought. But it's about time these losers get their act right. Hopefully he'll grab a couple of other liberals in gop along with himself. Purge on! And maybe one day I would be ok with being identified as a republican. I honestly don't 'mind social moderates, that I'm fine with that's your own business but when people can't agree on free market capitalism/sound economics then by all means Get Out!

Change I Can Believe In!

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