Monday, January 26, 2009


I lied! No Hope N Change, well at least for the innocent unborn. It's funny, not funny actually, how the heck there's hope and change for the jihadi boys and no hope and change for millions of unborn babies (37% of them being African-Americans). Now he wants to spread this hope and change (more like death and despair) to my continent. In essence, let's whipe away these black people! They're making the earth so filthy, they're polluting the air so let's just make less people! That's clearly how Nancy 'the devil's daughter' Pelosi thinks. Ouch, i know that was harsh, that'll be the last time i say that. Sorry. But i got some pretty good links on this, here's one and i'll be posting others:

This will make the Obama & Co think really hard and really mad. But still they won't change their mind!

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