Monday, January 19, 2009

All of a Sudden

So the big news is that messiah is going to be inaugurated tomorrow. hooo ray! I guess. It's cool and all that, yahyahyah. But all of a sudden, it's cool to be an American, it's cool to sing 'God bless America' it's cool to talk about the president (in a positive manner), it's cool to go to be celebrity and go hang out with the president. Hmm...makes you wonder huh? All these celebs are starting all these organizations that sound so, pro-America. I guess. It's rather interesting to see this happening especially after 8 years of destroying America, all of a sudden these fools love the country. I guess this is part of all that 'change we can believe in'. All of a sudden, I'm feeling all 'hopey and changey', I'll leave it at that.

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