Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 thus far

So far this year politically has been a rollercoaster! We've got Israel against the world (plenty to come on that in coming days), we've got Roland 'I dare you not to seat me because I'm black' Burris, we've got King Barack getting ready to rule and we've got the normal nonsense of stupid politicians. I already said it, this is going to be an exciting year, i guess even in politics. So what we're like ten days away from the inauguration of the savior? I'm getting really giddy now! I'm sure it'll be all good, i'm not hating on him. It'll be one to watch...oops no i'll be at work so i might just TIVO it. Anyway, the only thing i'm going to harp on is the Israel versus the terrorists and the rest of the sympathetic world. I don't seem to understand how so many people could defend a known terrorist organization? What are they feeding these idiots? From Muslims to Christians to non believers around the world...what kind of crack are these people smoking? Is it that hard to figure out who the bad guy is? "Hey i'm shooting rockets from this palestianian's house, but you at the UN and rest of the world you've got my back right"? Unfortunately the answer is yes. I hate to be one to get all religiousy on all the political events but heck maybe this is the beginning of the end...everything that's right is wrong and everything that is wrong is (w)right-hint hint, i'm sure it won't be long before we hear from his ignorant mouth. God save this world! Signing off...for now!

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