Thursday, January 29, 2009


Big big Kudos to the entire House Republicans and the 11 Democrats that voted against this stupid, silly "stimulus" plan! I have to say i was pretty shocked to see that all republicans finally made the right decision together! It's unbelievable. They finally grew SOME! That's as good as we can get. Heck if we (conservatives) stay in the wilderness forever, at least we'll be standing for principles. I'm definitely proud of these guys, finally it feels like there's hope for sanity and real change in DC. Even though the bill passed, we know there are people who actually stand up for the people, and it's not the President and the liberals in congress. Now it's up to the Senate elephants and whatever sane donkeys ( although i do prefer to use an alternative word), can stand up for the people. I'm pretty sure it'll pass anyway but hopefully conservatives can find themselves some kind of hope in the senate. To the Senators: Grow a pair! Please.

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