Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kinda Cultish

I'm sitting here reflecting on this whole shindig and i get a text from my friend about how disspointed he is to see all these ppl literally bowing down at the feet of a HUMAN. Even though he's president i mean c'mon, you have to admit it is kinda sick. And pretty much cultlike behavior! And he went on to talk about how they are blindly following and the whole thing is making him see how possible, not only easy ppl will someday follow the anti-christ. Completely agree! It is pretty scary to see millions around the world look to a normal human being, like you and me, as some kind of savior. It's pretty darn surreal, just to say. I'm looking like I can't believe my eyes but, i guess I can...unless i wake up within the next day and realize this was just some bad dream. But when you think about it, these people, well most of them, are not ppl of faith or if they are they don't practice their faith too well. It's only when you put your faith and trust in God that you won't have to look to some lad 47 year old lad from Chicago to come save you and "pay your gas and take care of your house payments". The only person that I put MY trust in is God and i'm sorry to say these ppl that look up to Obama or any politician like that are just fools! Blind fools. I wish i can just grab everyone of them and shake them back to reality but truth is, they don't want reality. These are the same kind of ppl who want to spend money they don't have, buy houses they can't afford, get "free" healthcare from the goverment...the whole nanny state thing. The only person that can save you and God and yourself, not any politician or hero or anything. I mean the guy hasn't even done anything yet, not that I'm saying he won't but he hasn't! If this is what my generation is going to become then we have plenty of reason to worry and worry is just an understatment. The only hope ( i can go another lifetime without hearing hope and change) i have is that this indeed is America and it has overcome plenty before and whatever wave of foolishness and idiocracy is filling the air can be reversed. Because this thing is just plain cultish! Until then I'll be praying for America and the new president (especially that he changes his mind on all his plans, although pessimistic). And I think you should too! God bless the republic!

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