Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaug Speech

I'm not going to lie, I was looking forward to the inauguration speech. I was waiting for those great lines, "the ocean to part", "the sea levels to rise", "the sky will open"...you know that kind of stuff. Because although it's all rhetoric it's so good to hear some wishful messianic thinking every now and then. BUT i was awfully dissapointed, not just because there was none of that good rhetoric but it was just bland. And i did not plan on raining on the parade but i was actually hoping to come back on here and talk about how great the speech was. It was nothing special, i hear he wrote it...which is dissapointed because i thought he used to write those old speeches but word on the street is he had speechwriters for those. Hell, he shoulda used speechwriters for this one, maybe not the lad that was groopin' Hillary. But honestly there wasn't anything memorable about the speech, i know everybody is probably going to be raving about what great speech it was, they'll continuing the hype of Obama the candidate. I always thought he was a great performer but no substance but today was not a great performance and definitely no substance! C'mon Mr. President, it's your day to shine and you gave us that? I would have taken any speech after a primary victory or even the acceptance speech at DNC but this was dissapointing. But i will say a couple of things i thought were good was him giving thanks to Dubya (he then completely killed that in rest of speech), thanking the troops, and the line where he talked about not apologizing for being Americans...that was good stuff. Other than that it was rather boring. I know you caught michelle's brother yawning. Funny thing was i yawned about two seconds before that! That's my take on the speech...

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