Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Closing Prayer

Ok, so much for the historic event of first black president. I'm not one of those ppl that are smitten that we have a first black president but i mean it's a good thing and America is moving forward right? Apparently not! The silly guy that gave the prayer, i'm sorry to call him silly but unfortunately that's what he is. Did you hear that crap? How old is he? First of all it was long as heck and then the joker went on to blab about injustice, using the poor yap yap yap. I think someone forgot to tell him we're not in the 60s anymore and that we're inaugurating a black president. These ppl just can't get enough, they get a black president and whine about the country being unfair...GROW THE HELL UP! Sorry a little ticked off. We're supposed to be praying for the new president and he talks nonsense about injustice and white doing right, black not going to the back, brown being around...WHAT? Speaking of white's doing what's right...didn't they just do that by electing the messiah?? gosh, what an idiot! I actually wish white's would do what's Right ( pun intended). C'mon ppl it's 2009 and we "my president is black", as young jeezy would say. Sorry, but they should have left the old papa at home and just told him what happend. Shame!

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