Friday, January 9, 2009


So it's pretty much settled now...the SEC runs this country when it comes to Football. So how bout' that! It must be a really good thing when you have LSU fans rooting for the gaytors! Well i definitely was and today i'm glad i was. What a great game! Okla-ho-ma hung in there for a good amount of time and then they just fell apart once Mr. magic man, Tim Tebow took over. It's THREE years in a ROW that the SEC has won the national championship! Is there anybody out there that still thinks their league is better than ours? Really? The only legitimate argument out there is Utah, and I won't help but say I wouldn't mind seeing another game between Florida and Utah. I think that would be one for the ages, especially with Urban 'bonehead' Meyer go back to his old school. Apart from them, We Run THIS! So shot out to the SEC, i know i don't give them much love during the regular season b/c we're enemies during that time. Big Ups to the SEC, Geaux SEC! Signing off!

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