Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can I say...

I am PROUD of Dick Cheney. He's become more of a hero than I ever thought he could be. I've always thought he was a good guy, as much as he was vilified but the dude is not only gutsy but confident. Between him and his daughter Liz, I think they can take on the world. Al Qeada and all. He simply destroyed Obama and his policies, smacked him over the head and try to inject him with some sense. It's so relieving to see somebody do this with boldness. We got whimpy people on the right that are not gutsy enough to call Obama's bluff but no, not Richard Cheney. And for that he gets major accolades. I wish we could clone him and make him a younger so he can take over the [weak]publican party. I hope he keeps it up, as well as his daughter. Obama is simply not used to people challenging him. He's like a little kid that has always got what he wanted and never had to be responsible for his decisions. In contrast, Cheney has definitely been responsible for his actions and so far it looks like it worked out pretty well.

So here's to more of Dick Cheney! Cheers!

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