Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Roundup

The weekend was pretty good, too quick and too short. Yes, even though this was my friday off. I went to a lecture by Robert Murphy of the Mises Institute friday. It was very informative, even though a lot of what he said I knew from Amity Shlaes book, "The Forgotten Man". The best part of the lecture was hearing that business leaders were almost excited when FDR died because they feared he was going to declare himself Dictator. LOL...reminds me of another "charismatic" president. Except this time he might not just "rule" in America but as a "citizen of the world", rule the world. Wouldn't that be just dandy. He hasn't done enough damage to the US so he wants to screw the rest of the world over. Great Idea! Had a good mother's day with the mother. I was left with a pretty fat lunch tab. Mother's day comes once a year, I guess.

It's a shame that Wanda Sykes and the rest of the left succumb to acts like these. That's all i can say about this.

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