Monday, May 4, 2009

SImple Proposal

I'm on my way out for the day from work, but I just thought about this proposal. I'm not for open-borders, I'm actually very opposed to it. However I don't think it's practical to think you can round up 14million people to be deported. So a simple proposal, a path to citizenship. A very long path. $10,000 for individual/$20k for familes for guest worker program, five years later if in good behavior with the laws of the land and contributing (going to school or working) then permanent residency. And then if that continues five years later, citizenship. Any violation, you're out (including those that refuse to be legal). Fair? I think so. You generate some income to the American economy and take care of the illegal immigration. Two birds with one stone. By the way, you close the borders now.

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