Thursday, February 26, 2009

The kids

I volunteer at church teaching 5th grade kids on wednesdays. I found this past wednesday pretty darn hilarious. In a way i was encouraged and in a way i was a little distubed. lol. These dudes are pretty informed on the president. I tried to shut 'em up but they weren't having it. "Isn't it weird that his middle name is Hussein and his last name is Osama"... "He's going to tax people based on how many miles they drive and charge for using carbon"..."He's a muslim"..."Why do people worship him, he hasn't even done anything yet". These are just some of the comments they had. The muslim one i had to clear up pretty quickly but other than that, i really didn't have much defense for our genius president. I was a little happy that at least the kids having been indoctrinated...yet. Well they all live in surburbia Houston, so that's not saying too much, maybe.

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