Monday, March 2, 2009

All is not necessarily lost

It makes sense to point out some good around here especially from our genius president since all his other plans are working so far. But i have to say Obama gave a darn good speech friday about the iraq war. he usually gives good speeches that are full of lies but this one, there was little he could lie about. His pride and unnecessary elitsm will not allow him to acknowledge how wrong he was about the surge (publicy say the words "i was wrong"), thank George Bush for having the guts to pull of the surge and stick to his guns (literally) and get the withdrawal agreement together before he left. But he's too good to admit all that. I would take his speech friday for concession. Take what you can get. Also good move pulling out of the hate israel conference...shouldn't have thought about going in the first place. I guess maybe he thought if he "reaches out", they'll "uncleach their fits"...LOL...Good luck with that. Hopefully some more realities are in stall for this genius president of ours.

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