Monday, March 16, 2009

My Beef with Meaghan McCain

I don't have a problem with Meaghan McCain's weight or anything, whatever she wants for her body is her business. I don't have any special interest in her in that sense to care. My beef with her is that she seems clueless. It's funny (not really), seeing somebody all of a sudden talk about how much they "love the Republican Party". Really? She supported John Kerry in '04. That said, her dad was the failed nominee of the GOP last year and all of a sudden she's a voice of the GOP young generation....go figure! Really? If she didn't support her dad, then I would say something was obviously wrong with her. But for somebody who cannot tell us why she "loves the Republican Party", she's just another passer-by trying to use celebrity status to take a stakehold in politics. And then she whines about how conservatives are extremists. Really? I'm sorry you don't have any convictions or any principles on which you base your life but because we do, all of a sudden we're extremists. That's not it. She blabs about Ann Coulter this, Laura Ingraham being mean. Spare me. She makes people of my generation look like a bunch of idiots that just want to get along for getting along sake. And then she goes over to liberal outlets to air her problems with conservatives. Don't we have enough David Frums already? Enough. Anyhow, only thing she says is we need to be more like liberals. Newsflash Ms. McCain, we just did that with your dad. No disrespect, but he got his behind handed to him. And don't even start to blame it on Sarah Palin. Your dad's campaign was a disaster before he picked her, she salvaged whatever she could for his no convictions, liberal republican ideas. Ok, I exaggerated about the whole 'only thing she has to say' thing. She does think earmarks are bad...I wonder where she got that idea from?
My thing is, for someone to come out to say they want to be some kind of standard bearer for young republicans (i guess i don't really fall in there, since I'm just a conservative not a republican), and not have any kind of agenda other than get a "name" for themselves by attacking Ann Coulter, you should just stay home. God, I hope the rest of my generation isn't like this! I'm 21, yeah I'm out of college already, but to hear Ms. McCain talk is disturbing. To assume that conservatives are not hip enough. The conservatives I know are pretty hip and who the heck said you vote for people because their hip? Look where that got us, thanks to the Hope N Change crowd.
My hope is that she's just another David Frum and not a representation of my generation. Some of us actually have principles, believe in free markets, the constitution, family values and hardwork. And we're not ready to give that up just yet for some kind of watered down conservatism. Hopefully, our army is greater than yours, Ms. McCain and god-willing we will conquer the republican party and save it from it's utter destruction by your kind. Hopefully me and you can squash our beef soon. Cheers!

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