Monday, March 16, 2009

Last week's '24'

I finally got to watch the '24' episode from last week that I TIVO'd and yes, I was not dissapointed! The season is getting better. I was a bit worried at the beginning but the heat has turned up. Tonight looks even better. I have to say the wannabe Chloe chick, I really can't stand. Maybe partly because she's a big Lib but that doesn't usually make me not like actors. I think it's prob she acts entirely too paranoid it's annoying. I was pretty stunned that in the middle of the show "President Taylor" does a commercial about global warming. What is up with this hysteria? Can I watch my show and not be bombarded with bunch of whinning about saving the planet? The planet will save got here without our help right? "So shut up and Sing" (to steal Ms. Ingraham's title). No seriously, enough already.

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