Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Berkeley Dissapointment

I've never been a big fan of UC Berkeley but I did have some serious respect for their Economics professors, at least some of them. Especially Christina Romer. BUT apparently she checked her intellect at the door to join the Hope and Change team. What a tool! How do you do a massive study and write an extensive paper on a subject and then turn around and do exactly what your hypothesis proves is wrong? Doesn't make any sense right?? Exactly! What is she smoking? Or drinking for that matter. I had some hope for her but she's a lost cause. Going on every friggin TV channel to say that she's sure "our" plan will work. Are you really? How dopey is that. It's not even a matter of "hoping [it] fails", I know it will fail. And you can quote me! I'm so frustrated with people who checked their ideology, intellect, priorities or beliefs at the door. They say one thing and do another. Useless. Where's my 1984 book?

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