Monday, February 23, 2009


Seems like the attorney general is the only coward around here. Being that america just elected the first black president who hired the first black attorney general, following two black secretary of state...and newly elected black head of republican party. What a joke. Honestly, i feel sorry for those guilty white liberals who thought voting for Obama will kill the talk that they were racist and that they owed black ppl something. I honestly knew it would only get worst as we've seeing from michelle obama, rev wright, and now eric holder. Basically the 'honest conversation' he wants to have is that whatever he says goes. He along with his black liberal race baiters are the only ones that are cowards and refuse to have a real conversation about race. As a matter in fact, i'm sick of talking about race, that seems to be the only thing liberals want to talk about. I wonder how they don't get sick of obsessing over race, for goodness sake, it's just a bloody skin color...grow up! While the rest of us continue with our lives, al sharpton and the rest of the race baiters will be waiting in line for their retribution checks they continue to collect. Hopefully Newscorp and NY Post don't give in once again or this behavior will never stop!

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