Thursday, February 26, 2009

Black in America?

Here's what I don't understand, why is CNN doing another round of 'Black in America"? I thought we have a black president now so we don't need to worry about all that stuff. Why does it seem that people, especially liberals, are so obsessed with race? For God's sake, get over it. It's just one aspect of an individual. And anytime someone on our side criticizes them, they call us racists. Well give me your best shot. It's silly for CNN to keep doing this and pandering to something that has been pandered to for far too long. It's so stupid that black people keep encouraging this (not speaking out against is the same thing as encouraging). Everytime you hear "Blacks in America" whine about how they feel different and blah blah blah. Well when you continue to want to seclude yourself by shows like this lame, idiotic, liberal panderism ofcourse you'll continue to feel like that. I've really just had enough of the whole liberal/race issue. Seriously, seems to me that the only people that talk about race is liberals. All the whole race baiting and race and minority pandering needs to stop...seriously. Or my black people in America will continue to be in the same place they've been since the Great Society

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