Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last night after getting home a little after midnight, i got a text that did not bring good news. It was from my camper's mom saying "he's gone Ogo". That was it, just like that the kid was gone. This is very very sad news but i believe he's gone to a place where he is resting in peace.

It sucks even more because i spoke to his mom yesterday morning asking when i can come visit him since they said he had taken a turn for the worse. I didn't realize how "worse" until she sent me a text back saying "feel free to come, jonathan doesn't have many days left". I knew time was of the essence but yesterday was slammed so i told her i would come either last night or today. So much for that.

It's crazy because on my way home last night i was thinking of what to bring along when i go there this morning. And i thought of bringing the Michael Jackson This is It dvd and sitting down and just watching it with the kid.

Maybe ten minutes later was when i got the text from his mom while doing some laundry that my kid jonathan was gone.

I know it's a really tough time for his family, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, I will be doing the same. I believe he is resting in the arms of The Father.

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