Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Wait is Over

What's up blog world? It's been a minute, no maybe i should say it's been ages. Different reasons for that, which i'm sure i'll detail but not all, not right now at least. it's almost two o'clock in the morning, got church in the AM but dude, i really can't sleep. I'm somewhat stressed out but I'm trying not to be. As you may know i've been debating my next steps in life, it's getting a tad dizzy out here. I think that's playing into my lack of sleep. It's been like that the last few nights, i've eventually fallen asleep but it's been taking more than usual. And usual is not a short time either. I'm doing my best not to be worried, prayed about it and put it in God's hands but i can't deny the fact that it's starting to bother me a good amount.

I've been applying for jobs that i think are pretty adequate for me and what i'm looking for, including my caliber, asking pay and role criteria. I've even applied for some that i would assume i'm overqualified for but it's awfully quiet out there. Although i have heard a few noises lately, i'm hoping those noises get louder. But the last couple of days, i can't figure out if the whole situation is just getting to me but i'm starting to feel i need to do something. I really have little to no idea what that something is but i just have this feeling like something needs to be done. I don't know if it's my natural self wanting to somehow take control of the situation, which i honestly don't want to do because i've put it in God's hands but sheesh dude. It's like what to do? I've had thoughts about the whole grad school shindig, which i definitely want to do eventually but i just don't feel like it's the right time. Most of the schools i would want to apply to would like me to have at least 2years of work experience. Unless i go the MS and then MBA route later; i mean if it comes to that fine but i don't really see that as such a great strategy but hey who am i to say. Anyhow, i talked to the mom about the whole grad school gmat about a week or so ago so maybe that's what got me thinking crazy. who knows?
Like i said, i just feel like i need to change strategy. But i just added a new thing to my job search business. I started following up applications with phone calls, that's helped a bit but i got an e-mail from one that might be interested saying no calls (this is after i had already called and left a voicemail). Heh! I read the e-mail and i'm like "good to know"...after the fact. Actually a legit opportunity, she needs to holla at me. On a more serious note, i've been networking at least trying to, keeping up with previous contacts and such, there are very few things that i'm not doing at the moment that i can think of. I guess i need to broaden the horizon. I don't know if it's time for a more radical step but i don't think i'm ready for that and I honestly don't think that's in His plan for now. As much as I don't know and I'm still waiting for the right door to open, i kinda discern that "that" ain't it, at least for now.
I know and understand His using this time to teach me something. as obama would say, "this is a teachable moment", it's always a teachable moment for us not him. Anyway, i believe God is using this time to do some work in me, some of which i have and can definitely identify. But i'm ike c'mon God let's get moving to the next phase. But who am i to rush Him. All in all i'm staying positive and believing that something good is right around and i'm turning the corner. Thy Will Be Done.

Let me try to catch some snooze...

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