Monday, January 18, 2010

Follow-up to Yesterday

It was like pastor joel read my post last night. How crazy? His message was about not allowing your circumstances, dreams and issues overwhelm you. pretty legit stuff. Couple of lines i remember him throwing out there: "you have to put the things that mean the most to you on the altar". "Anything you have to have to be joyful, the enemy will use against you". I mean not that I feel like a need my new gig to make me happy, i don't. Most people wouldn't even guess that i wasn't working as of now. But it was just kinda of one of those things that help whip you into shape. I mean i think i allowed myself to get overwhelmed with the situation. But i'm done with that. "seek ye first...".

Anyway, day went pretty smooth. Church was good, grabbed some grub with some good friends and then hit up the tennis court for about two hours (or more actually). Time went by fast out there. I definitely feel like i'm getting better. My serve is getting a little more feel to it and i was able to get a number of good backhands in. The forehand had great moments, i'm looking forward to working on it some more.
Cowboys lost their playoff game and Saints won theirs. I don't really have a team to root for anymore since my patriots got whacked by Baltimore. Anyway, NFL is for the birds! lol.

On more important front, 24 is back! First show was pretty good. They've got this whole US v Iran kinda thing going. looks to be interesting. I think it'll be better than last season (hopefully) especially since "sweaty" garafollo isn't on this season. Heh!


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