Friday, October 2, 2009


So yes, I'm happy Rio got the Olympic gig. Chicago is already a city with high taxes, great corruption and home of an egoistic president. It did not need more of it. I actually really love the city of chicago, i honestly wouldn't mind moving there. But honestly, Obama really thought he cold swoon his way to the olympics. talking about his personal story, how america has looked wack over the last several years but now that he's in office, it's all hope and change. what a lameO. I hate to say it but this was pretty sweet. His ego really tanked! Do i really think it will change how he sees things? NOPE. the guy is in so in to himself, he's oblivious to reality. Oh well. he basically said hey dudes pick Chicago because of ME. He's so lame. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of these kids running the country. Put some adults in charge please. Anyway, Happy Friday! And happy Birthday to my boy Jarrett. Many more dude!

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