Monday, December 8, 2008

The Return

Wow, so i've been gone for a while. Haven't been on here in a minute but I have just cause. I've been doing work and when I'm not working, i'll just rather hide away from the computer. So I guess in order to give honor where honor is due, based on my very last post, Congratulations to Obama. He won fair and square and honestly THANK GOD! It's going to be a big break for conservatives to be able to defend what they really stand for and not have to defend a president that makes less conservative decisions. But anyhow, congrats to King Barack or King Hussein. I'm not sure which one i'll be calling him yet but one will eventually stick. It's definitely a historic mark in the country, like him or not, it's the first non-white president America has ever had. And for that, it deserves a good ole' round of golf clap. And that's is as much fawning you'll get out of me for this guy. Good luck to the dude and hopefully he won't bring us Socialism(Change) We Can Believe In. I'm out!

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