Monday, December 8, 2008


So I finally saw Changeling after over a month of procrastinating and being lazy. It was definitely worth it, even though it was like two and a half hours long. Angelina Jolie continues to be the star that she is. I particularly liked the movie because it was realistic. To be honest, i dislike happy ending movies. Not because i like killings and a whole bunch of villains or any sort of that but because i just don't think happy ending movies are real. Take The Departed, if all the "good" people didn't die, that would have made that movie horrific! In real life, that crap doesn't happen. If you screw with the wrong people, you're pretty much guaranteed to die. Anyhow, whenever i saw that changeling was based on a true story, i figured it would be good. But for those who didn't get a chance to catch the movie, i give it a two thumbs up, especially because of Angelina.

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