Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back again!

Wow! It's been almost two months since I last blogged. I have to say i've been a lazy blogger. But anyhow, I'm back. Within the last two months, I went to Nigeria came back, went to Retreat for Canvas (church young adults ministry) in Austin and now i'm here about two weeks after. It's been an interesting, fun as well as rollercoaster eight weeks. I'll be detailing going forward. Anyhow, i just posted the pictures from my trip to nigeria on facebook and i wanted to link it here. Haven't figured out how to link my facebook page to this blog but hopefully i figure it out ASAP.
Nigeria was amazing, what can I say. It was more than i expected in so many ways. I took over 650pictures, i only posted like 170 on facebook just to give folks the idea. I think i said it on one of the pictures, one phrase to describe Nigeria: Work in Progress. I honestly wish i detailed everyday as the days went by. But all in all, i got to see family members that i hadn't seen in a while, some i had never even seen before. Also saw family friends that remember me since when i was 'this' small...blah blah blah. you know the drill. But it was all good. The love of family and friends is not comparable. It was a delight.
Nigeria, is full of corruption. One quick story. While we were there the Central Bank of Nigeria FIRED the top banks CEOs. Yes you read that right! They fired them, who in hell or heaven gave them the right to fire a CEO of a private company. And that's not the end they put them in JAIL. Dude if that's not a banana republic, then i don't know what is. They made up some BS charges that they mismanaged their banks. So what if they did, which they really didn't...the banking crisis is worldwide. Even if they did, that's up to their shareholders...which in one bank I am. It's pretty sad man. Anyhow man, I'll be blogging a lot more often.
Oh by the way, I'm looking for a new J-O-B now. Godwilling I'll have a really good one soon. Wish me luck and godspeed! For now, I'm Out!

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