Monday, November 3, 2008

Is America Really About to Elect A Socialist?

It's election eve and i find it hard to believe that America is going to elect a outspoken socialist. Really? It's really difficult to digest that. Am I just not living in reality? I don't think so, because I'm prepared to carry on regardless of who wins. It's not like I have been John McCain's biggest cheerleader. Has the situation in America gotten so bad that ppl are willing to throw their votes to someone who wants to 'spread the wealth'? Someone who nobody seems to know anything about. Someone they just 'hope' will be whatever it is that they may be hoping for. For some it's an end to the war in iraq, for some it's lower gas prices, and then some are silly enough to hope that they won't have to worry about their mortgage payments anymore. What kind of 'hope ' is this? I hate to say it but it takes an idiot to hope that someone, especially the goverment, will fix your problems. I feel kind of sorry for this ppl because it's a lose-lose situation for these folks. If Obama wins, they'll be dissapointed because all their problems will not go away, it will arguably get worse. And if he loses, all hell will break loose! These folks are going to go nutz, because they have all their emotions, their 'hope' in something or someone named 'Change'. Change they seek, change they'll get. They just don't know what 'change' means, some of us are much wiser. It's funny, the people that believe that Barack Obama is going to fix their problems, they should take a look at his Aunt who is living here as an illegal fugitive in a slum in Boston. If he can't take care of his own family-his aunt and step brother (who lives on less than a dollar a month)-then good luck! So much for 'being our brother and sister's keeper'.

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